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Holy Shit! A BEAR!

I am officially de-wisdom toothed! Which is wonderful because I get boatloads of vicodin, but tedious because I love crunchy food. It was also the first time I've ever been put to sleep for surgery, which was intensely weird because it wasn't weird at all. One moment it was 8:30, the next it was 10, and I had four bloody gaps in my mouth and no memory of doing anything but blinking once.

Oh, also, I apparently hallucinated, though it took me five hours to realize having a memory of six different dentists with big goggles all hovering over me like aliens keen on probing was probably fairly unlikely. Whoops.

I also just got back from a Family Camping/White Water Rafting Adventure during which I encountered a baby skunk, a baby bear, a bald eagle and a shockingly attractive (the kind that you know instinctively is too chiseled to be anything but a rampant douchebag) rock-climbing instructor, and succeeded in getting my sixteen year old brother to squeal in high pitched and adoring tones about his intense love for Spike (Thanks, "Lovers Walk"). I may gayify him yet!

Yeah, it's been a weird week. I still have no plan-like thing for my summer, because I have zero ambition, so I've been reading a fuckton of academic essays on BtVS and am positively ITCHING to write something using dangerous amounts of Judith Butler block quotes, because she is the perfect fodder for cracked out essays. As me about the time I wrote 17 pages on why The Wizard of Oz (book version) exists as a perfect Butlerian land of fluid gender identity. Oh yeah. [/english major geekitude]
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