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It seems I haven't updated since September. I'm fairly sure that is a new low, and I'm really not sure how to summarize EIGHT MONTHS of my life in a snappy, entertaining manner. Hilariously, the last (and only) thing I wrote about Scotland made it sound like a land of perpetual woe and dentistry, which it definitely was not. It was a last of cider, pasties, jazz bars, castles, wandering accidentally into goth pubs, and for some reason, a lot of attempts at cooking whole turkeys. It was fantastic! During one of the many turkey misadventures, I managed to ooze raw turkey blood all over my e-ticket to Copenhagen, but I made it to the land of danishes (they were delicious) nonetheless. Everyone thought I was danish, and since I conveniently lost my voice for the entire week, the illusion was maintained. I also meandered up to my flatmate's home in Loch Ness and endured the megabus down to London with deora_mystic in order to have good times with penguin_dodger and attempt valiantly to appropriate her accent.

Then I came back home, and desperate to fill the hole in my heart left by all the scottish sheepies, I became a rampant Buffy fanatic. No, I don't know why it took me so long to get on that train either. Clearly my childhood was horribly lacking. I watched it all in a dangerously short amount of time, then made my father buy me the entire box set for my birthday. It is gorgeous. I'm now trucking relentlessly through Angel, which is hard because I'm on season four and it's BLINDINGLY SHITTY. But I persevere! because as of yet I am jobless this summer :(

Also, I haven't stopped attracting crazy people. A couple of weeks ago, I awoke at 8 AM to the sound of a man pacing back and forth in front of my dorm, shouting, "Out! Out! Out devil! feel the blood of Jesus Christ! Get out of the nasal passages! Out!" for a good twenty minutes. He finally turned to reveal his bluetooth, which assuaged me slightly (exorcisms over the phone are slightly less disturbing than exorcisms of the schizophrenic variety), then came inside to empty our trash, which...made me hide under the covers. Life as usual.
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