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Oh, karma, why are you doing this.

Soon there will be a Edinburgh Thus Far update of doom, I swear it, but first you have to listen to me whine a little. I'm fairly sure I was this horrendous, truly evil serial killer in my last life. Actually, the way things are going I was probably Stalin.

So about two days after my arrival in this fair city, I noticed a blinding pain in my gum that only got worse as the days went by. I talked to my home dentist, who concluded that I had an infection and needed by wisdom tooth removed. Epic journey to get antibiotics, go! ...The epic journey took about 5 DAYS, and I was repeatedly told Bad Things would happen if I waited another minute. Then, finally, antibiotics were achieved! Off to find a cheap, emergency dentist!

"So," says the nurse a the walk in clinic, "these are the completely wrong antibiotics, oh, silly doctors who know nothing! At least you aren't this one kid I saw yesterday. He came in from New York, fell into bed his first night here, and hit his mouth on a desk corner. When the ambulance finally arrived to tend to his broken teeth and fountain of blood, they told him getting a cab to the hospital would have been faster".

"So," says the nice dentist at the walk-in clinic, "you actually have a root canal that needs to be treated by a real dentist within a month, this incredible pain that I just put you through was just to treat a tiny area of your already-dead nerve. Go free with this list of phone numbers! 18 pounds, please".

"But I have no phone with which to CALL them, and all the cheap phones are sold out until Thursday! Also root canals are probably the most expensive, painful dental treatment I can think of, and I am in a strange, foreign country with weird healthcare, so stop FUCKING with me, God", say I.

*weep* At least classes start today, so I can distract myself. I promise good things have happened here, but you will have to wait until I stop PUNCHING THINGS to hear about them :D
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