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I made the incredibly foolish decision to re-watch Brokeback Mountain on TV last night. I told myself firmly that I would only watch the beginning, when they are happy, because I hadn't the heart to watch sad cowboys or wholly terrifying mustaches.

Yeah, right. I spent the rest of the night alternately weeping shamelessly, cursing Bravo for editing out ALL THE IMPORTANT BITS, and wondering why the people in commercials could be so CHEERFUL when Jack Twist was DEAD. Ahahaha. I'd forgotten the devastating effects of that movie. So, so brilliant. All except for the mustache.

ALSO. DOCTOR WHO TODAY, AND I HAVE TO WORK UNTIL 10 PM. Curses! I shall spend the entirety of work slacking off and doodling the Tardis, methinks. This "work" thing had destroyed my tradition of watching the new Who with my brother on his immense and wonderful monitor with surround sound. He's a bigger Doctor fangirl than I am, at times :D
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