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Er, so I have a feeling no one is on here anymore and I am shouting my inane pseudowitty babble into the void. I guess that's what happens when you don't update for two years? Right. Okay then. Well, since I'm back in Scotland for a year and am currently entirely lacking in friends close enough to reach out and poke, I'm starting up a family-friendly bloggy thing over at, but I figured as I was making all this effort at pseudowit I might as well crosspost here. Hurrah! Perhaps eventually there will even be sordid details that are not fit for family friendly bloggy eyes! I doubt it. There may actually be art, though, for a while, because my social life has so far consisted of me and my angry watercolors making eyes at each other.

So, if you've clicked on the link, here is an exact repeat of what I wrote, if not, here are some tiresome details of my life :)

I have survived my first...5 days! I expect my arrival is blessed, as the Pope took a jaunt in his Popemobile through a very bitter, atheist Edinburgh (I mean really now, in order too meet with the Queen. I did not attend, as I was too busy recovering from my brief and nauseating attempt at being a Cool Scottish Student (read: dancing blearily while being covered in UV-bubbles).
Having discovered I am not actually strong and brave enough to be a Cool Scottish Student, I quickly become a homebody again. Which is not all too terrible, since my view looks out over a tiny golf-course that little men with their greyhounds like to use to putter around in, and a bit further in the distance, The Castle:

My room itself is shaped like the long tetris piece, which is an upgrade from pie-slice-shaped, because it does not make me hungry for pie, and my chest of drawers is perfect for Bilbo Baggins but terrible for Ariana the Nordic Giant. Flatmate #1 is Irish, and thus has a name full of unpronounceable vowels, and Flatmate #2 is Indian, and thus has a name full of unpronounceable consonants.

Academically, I may be running home weeping before christmas time, seeing as I have apparently gone from someone who gained an important bit of paper for blathering on about ~theory~ and ~magic~ and ~women~ and ~the medieval body~ to someone who is expected to gain an important bit of paper for taking SCIENCE SCIENCE ALL THE TIME SCIENCE. There will be Syntax and Stats and Computer Modelling and DEATH. The other people in my department have several excellent qualities, among them that they are from places like Australia, Cyprus, and Estonia, and also they all have far more knowledge about this than I do, so at the very least I will have friends I force to do my linguistic bidding. Don't believe me? See Schedule:

Semester 1:
Origins of Language
Foundations of evolution
Intro to stats and experimental design
Intro to syntax
Intro to phonology & phonetics
Human evolution

Semester 2:
Evolution of Communication
Current issues in language evolution
Simulating language
Evolutionary psychology

Psychology of language learning
Maturational constraints on language acquisition

This, I think, is the most effective way of dealing with my woeful lack of a social life. I will have no time for one! Over and out, then, until my life contains something more exciting than UV-bubbles.
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