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Sasquatch messed with ME.

HOKAY, first of all, I have been trying to draw regularly in my shiny little moleskine, so here's what I have so far.

Secondly, I thought I should finally get a flikr account. so I did. Yay?

Thirdly, I just had the most surreal vacation ever.

It started as we drove towards out destination in the mountains of North Carolina when we drove past a restaurant called "Goats on the Roof". Aptly enough, there were live goats. Chilling on the roof.

We arrived at our cabin, which was gorgeous and spacious and filled to the brim with nick-nacks. Everything was made clear when we discovered that the man renting the cabin out to us was a flamingly gay cowboy/interior decorator. ♥!! Also, his dog was half dingo. But it really was lovely. The porch faced a quaint little bubbling mountain brook, and there was no cell reception or internet, which forced one to do old-timey things like READ. We were supposed to go hiking up the mountain with our cowboy as guide, but the morning of he came over to give us some interesting news.

COWBOY: So, a bear attacked my house last night. I think it would be best not to go up that side of the mountain, since the bears are VERY HUNGRY this time of year.
US: perfectly reasonable! No objections!
COWBOY: Also, apparently some guys found the remains of Sasquatch one town over. So I think it's best we stay out of the woods for now.

.....yes. Later that day I found a spider the size of my fist in my room. VERDICT: NATURE IS OFTEN TERRIFYING.
Tags: art, gay cowboys, north carolina, sasquatch
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