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I think we must face the fact that this lj is only going to be updated once a millennia/every time my life changes horribly. BUT, FYI, if I have ANY friends left here, I've started a tumblr for my art, which I update far more regularly..


look! another update! shocking, really.
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My life, you guys, it is so sciencey. I have already conformed to a daily habit of going to class, working through waves upon waves of panic attacks and only mild understanding, going to the pub post-class with people in my program, and becoming mildly buzzed on cheap cider before 8 PM in order to avoid the fact that I am a devilish humanities IMPOSTOR. Which is to say, I am actually quite enjoying this degree so far, because I like to fantasize all the ways in which I can think up a truly bizarre lit-infested dissertation topic and somehow manage to work in one absurd block quote by Judith Butler. Hey, it worked in undergrad. Giving stuffy old academics palpitations is a unique and wonderful feeling. I think I shall become the world's first specialist on the relationship between the evolution of language & cognition and Buffy-speak. I've got my box-set, and I am ready to do some hardcore research.

I am apparently not the only closeted humanities person - My stats professor, she of the "number phobias do not exist. If you think you have a phobia, take a prozac, deal with it, or run away now," is (despite her hardened and math-y exterior) a former medievalist, who changed career paths because she wanted to do something "more concrete". How one goes from analyzing the symbolism of the gendered medieval body in The Book of Margerey Kempe to spending all day with numbers and graphs, I do not know.

Also, anyone ever read The Dan Brown Code? Yep, the head of the linguistics and english language department here wrote that. I hope this is at least mildly impressive to one person.

This is sort of a schizophrenic update, but I am unused to this "blogging" thing and have forgotten how much ridiculous minutia about life one can post while still sounding mildly interesting. So I am at a loss as to whether or not I should mention things like "two for one packs of cornish pasties as Tesco I LOVE THIS COUNTRY" and "saw an adorably posh english child lecture her father on the role leprechauns play in manufacturing rainbows, best day ever." I'm trying, okay, I really am. Now I am going to continue my quest to eat so much cadbury chocolate that I start to sweat caramely deliciousness, and then I will have graphic and tearful sex with The BBC Drama autumn/winter trailer.
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yes, ah, hello again.
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Er, so I have a feeling no one is on here anymore and I am shouting my inane pseudowitty babble into the void. I guess that's what happens when you don't update for two years? Right. Okay then. Well, since I'm back in Scotland for a year and am currently entirely lacking in friends close enough to reach out and poke, I'm starting up a family-friendly bloggy thing over at, but I figured as I was making all this effort at pseudowit I might as well crosspost here. Hurrah! Perhaps eventually there will even be sordid details that are not fit for family friendly bloggy eyes! I doubt it. There may actually be art, though, for a while, because my social life has so far consisted of me and my angry watercolors making eyes at each other.

So, if you've clicked on the link, here is an exact repeat of what I wrote, if not, here are some tiresome details of my life :)

I have survived my first...5 days! I expect my arrival is blessed, as the Pope took a jaunt in his Popemobile through a very bitter, atheist Edinburgh (I mean really now, in order too meet with the Queen. I did not attend, as I was too busy recovering from my brief and nauseating attempt at being a Cool Scottish Student (read: dancing blearily while being covered in UV-bubbles).
Having discovered I am not actually strong and brave enough to be a Cool Scottish Student, I quickly become a homebody again. Which is not all too terrible, since my view looks out over a tiny golf-course that little men with their greyhounds like to use to putter around in, and a bit further in the distance, The Castle:

My room itself is shaped like the long tetris piece, which is an upgrade from pie-slice-shaped, because it does not make me hungry for pie, and my chest of drawers is perfect for Bilbo Baggins but terrible for Ariana the Nordic Giant. Flatmate #1 is Irish, and thus has a name full of unpronounceable vowels, and Flatmate #2 is Indian, and thus has a name full of unpronounceable consonants.

Academically, I may be running home weeping before christmas time, seeing as I have apparently gone from someone who gained an important bit of paper for blathering on about ~theory~ and ~magic~ and ~women~ and ~the medieval body~ to someone who is expected to gain an important bit of paper for taking SCIENCE SCIENCE ALL THE TIME SCIENCE. There will be Syntax and Stats and Computer Modelling and DEATH. The other people in my department have several excellent qualities, among them that they are from places like Australia, Cyprus, and Estonia, and also they all have far more knowledge about this than I do, so at the very least I will have friends I force to do my linguistic bidding. Don't believe me? See Schedule:

Semester 1:
Origins of Language
Foundations of evolution
Intro to stats and experimental design
Intro to syntax
Intro to phonology & phonetics
Human evolution

Semester 2:
Evolution of Communication
Current issues in language evolution
Simulating language
Evolutionary psychology

Psychology of language learning
Maturational constraints on language acquisition

This, I think, is the most effective way of dealing with my woeful lack of a social life. I will have no time for one! Over and out, then, until my life contains something more exciting than UV-bubbles.
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Damn you, Buffy.

So yesterday I hung out with Amber Benson (Tara on BtVS). She did a book reading/signing at a comic book store, and it was PRETTY FANTASTIC. I desperately wanted to kidnap her and take her home with me, she was that adorable. So now I can say say I stalked Daniel Dae Kim and a Bryn Mawr theater production, saw a tiny figure on a stage who I'm told was Jon Stewart, felt non-awkward in the face of Luke Wilson's astoundingly awkward presence, and refrained from kidnapping Amber Benson. Life = good.

photosCollapse )

Now, since I'm done making you jealous, (or conversely, bored out of your skull by pictures of some chick you don't even know), have some art! Sadly our scanner isn't hooked up, so the deficient (but endearing) camera had to fill in. So excuse the quality...Collapse )
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Holy Shit! A BEAR!
Tags: buffy

I am officially de-wisdom toothed! Which is wonderful because I get boatloads of vicodin, but tedious because I love crunchy food. It was also the first time I've ever been put to sleep for surgery, which was intensely weird because it wasn't weird at all. One moment it was 8:30, the next it was 10, and I had four bloody gaps in my mouth and no memory of doing anything but blinking once.

Oh, also, I apparently hallucinated, though it took me five hours to realize having a memory of six different dentists with big goggles all hovering over me like aliens keen on probing was probably fairly unlikely. Whoops.

I also just got back from a Family Camping/White Water Rafting Adventure during which I encountered a baby skunk, a baby bear, a bald eagle and a shockingly attractive (the kind that you know instinctively is too chiseled to be anything but a rampant douchebag) rock-climbing instructor, and succeeded in getting my sixteen year old brother to squeal in high pitched and adoring tones about his intense love for Spike (Thanks, "Lovers Walk"). I may gayify him yet!

Yeah, it's been a weird week. I still have no plan-like thing for my summer, because I have zero ambition, so I've been reading a fuckton of academic essays on BtVS and am positively ITCHING to write something using dangerous amounts of Judith Butler block quotes, because she is the perfect fodder for cracked out essays. As me about the time I wrote 17 pages on why The Wizard of Oz (book version) exists as a perfect Butlerian land of fluid gender identity. Oh yeah. [/english major geekitude]
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Trapped inside a turgid supernatural soap opera INDEED.

Ok, people, it's time for me to get superstitious and beg for your help. I have exactly one hope left for this summer to be even quasi-interesting and/or fulfilling. My other pleas for internships were, sadly, denied, so now I'm a contender for one final internship. According to my mother's inside woman (really), I have a fair shot, and I'm supposed to find out by the end of this week.

Which is where you come in, my darling minions. I think it would be best for everyone if I stopped eating bon bons and watching Angel all day and instead did something that would probably produce a lot of highly interesting anecdotes. Just saying. Otherwise I might a) go mad. b) get very, very fat, or c) start talking in a horrid Irish accent because it's so funny when David Boreanaz does it. So please pray/sacrifice any manner of beasts or virgins/cross your fingers/send up a threat to The Powers That Be, whatever.

But for now, I'm still horrifically bored. I did a spot of volunteering with my MOTHER on Sunday because in this state, I'm even exciting about my dentist appointment this week. Something to do! People to talk (or gargle) to! Anyway, we were cooking a meal for homeless people, and I was paired with this fabulously rich old woman who utterly failed at chopping vegetables but succeeded mightily in the funny story department. We discussed the strange characters that are attracted to Bryn Mawr, which got us on the topic of roommates.

LADY: When I went to college, Calvin Coolidge's granddaughter was in my year.
ME: That must have been interesting!
LADY: No. She begged my best friend and I to be roommates, so out of the kindness of our hearts we said yes. Then my friend flunked out of school and I was forced to be roommates with Coolidge's insane granddaughter. She only ever changed in the closet, and one night, after we had shut off the lights and I was drifting off to sleep, she said to me, "by the way, I'm epileptic. So if I have a seizure, please shove this spoon into my mouth".
ME: Hilarity!
LADY: We went out to dinner with her father, Coolidge's son. You'd think he'd be interesting, since he grew up in the White House, but no. Dull as dirt.

Oh, rich and famous people, I am sometimes perfectly content not being you :D

Anyway, I think I've decided on a project for the summer to try to vanquish the boredom. If I can maintain the motivation, I want to make some sort of picture book. My mom knows how to bind books with pretty paper, so I may have her help me make one. It's just a matter of thinking of some sort of theme for the illustrations, but I think a project like this might be fun...
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Oh hey there :)


It seems I haven't updated since September. I'm fairly sure that is a new low, and I'm really not sure how to summarize EIGHT MONTHS of my life in a snappy, entertaining manner. Hilariously, the last (and only) thing I wrote about Scotland made it sound like a land of perpetual woe and dentistry, which it definitely was not. It was a last of cider, pasties, jazz bars, castles, wandering accidentally into goth pubs, and for some reason, a lot of attempts at cooking whole turkeys. It was fantastic! During one of the many turkey misadventures, I managed to ooze raw turkey blood all over my e-ticket to Copenhagen, but I made it to the land of danishes (they were delicious) nonetheless. Everyone thought I was danish, and since I conveniently lost my voice for the entire week, the illusion was maintained. I also meandered up to my flatmate's home in Loch Ness and endured the megabus down to London with deora_mystic in order to have good times with penguin_dodger and attempt valiantly to appropriate her accent.

Then I came back home, and desperate to fill the hole in my heart left by all the scottish sheepies, I became a rampant Buffy fanatic. No, I don't know why it took me so long to get on that train either. Clearly my childhood was horribly lacking. I watched it all in a dangerously short amount of time, then made my father buy me the entire box set for my birthday. It is gorgeous. I'm now trucking relentlessly through Angel, which is hard because I'm on season four and it's BLINDINGLY SHITTY. But I persevere! because as of yet I am jobless this summer :(

Also, I haven't stopped attracting crazy people. A couple of weeks ago, I awoke at 8 AM to the sound of a man pacing back and forth in front of my dorm, shouting, "Out! Out! Out devil! feel the blood of Jesus Christ! Get out of the nasal passages! Out!" for a good twenty minutes. He finally turned to reveal his bluetooth, which assuaged me slightly (exorcisms over the phone are slightly less disturbing than exorcisms of the schizophrenic variety), then came inside to empty our trash, which...made me hide under the covers. Life as usual.
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Oh, karma, why are you doing this.

Soon there will be a Edinburgh Thus Far update of doom, I swear it, but first you have to listen to me whine a little. I'm fairly sure I was this horrendous, truly evil serial killer in my last life. Actually, the way things are going I was probably Stalin.

So about two days after my arrival in this fair city, I noticed a blinding pain in my gum that only got worse as the days went by. I talked to my home dentist, who concluded that I had an infection and needed by wisdom tooth removed. Epic journey to get antibiotics, go! ...The epic journey took about 5 DAYS, and I was repeatedly told Bad Things would happen if I waited another minute. Then, finally, antibiotics were achieved! Off to find a cheap, emergency dentist!

"So," says the nurse a the walk in clinic, "these are the completely wrong antibiotics, oh, silly doctors who know nothing! At least you aren't this one kid I saw yesterday. He came in from New York, fell into bed his first night here, and hit his mouth on a desk corner. When the ambulance finally arrived to tend to his broken teeth and fountain of blood, they told him getting a cab to the hospital would have been faster".

"So," says the nice dentist at the walk-in clinic, "you actually have a root canal that needs to be treated by a real dentist within a month, this incredible pain that I just put you through was just to treat a tiny area of your already-dead nerve. Go free with this list of phone numbers! 18 pounds, please".

"But I have no phone with which to CALL them, and all the cheap phones are sold out until Thursday! Also root canals are probably the most expensive, painful dental treatment I can think of, and I am in a strange, foreign country with weird healthcare, so stop FUCKING with me, God", say I.

*weep* At least classes start today, so I can distract myself. I promise good things have happened here, but you will have to wait until I stop PUNCHING THINGS to hear about them :D
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I HAVE ARRIVED IN EDINBURGH. IT IS LOVELY AND QUAINT AND I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN 27 HOURS. I am actually hallucinating, which is even less fun when you are being driven on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD and are eternally convinced you will run into oncoming traffic :o

I am amazed I made it here. I have no idea what time or day it is or how long I've been traveling because the time zones TOOK AWAY MY NIGHT AND MADE IT MORNING. And I feel like I'm in a british TV show. Or something. 27 hours. When we flew in I saw SHEEP GRAZING. WTF SO QUAINT.

So many caps! So little sleep! Now I must wait for my Bryn Mawr friends to show up at the hostel and try not to giggle to myself like I did on the plane.
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To the land of kilts!
Tags: edinburgh

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Scotland for a semester.


But I will undoubtedly post many fabulous pictures and whine incessantly about how sick I am of beans and rice (I cannot cook). It's going to be fun, guys :D you know, once the panic abates.
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Sasquatch messed with ME.

HOKAY, first of all, I have been trying to draw regularly in my shiny little moleskine, so here's what I have so far.

it quickly gets weird :DCollapse )

Secondly, I thought I should finally get a flikr account. so I did. Yay?

Thirdly, I just had the most surreal vacation ever.

It started as we drove towards out destination in the mountains of North Carolina when we drove past a restaurant called "Goats on the Roof". Aptly enough, there were live goats. Chilling on the roof.

We arrived at our cabin, which was gorgeous and spacious and filled to the brim with nick-nacks. Everything was made clear when we discovered that the man renting the cabin out to us was a flamingly gay cowboy/interior decorator. ♥!! Also, his dog was half dingo. But it really was lovely. The porch faced a quaint little bubbling mountain brook, and there was no cell reception or internet, which forced one to do old-timey things like READ. We were supposed to go hiking up the mountain with our cowboy as guide, but the morning of he came over to give us some interesting news.

COWBOY: So, a bear attacked my house last night. I think it would be best not to go up that side of the mountain, since the bears are VERY HUNGRY this time of year.
US: perfectly reasonable! No objections!
COWBOY: Also, apparently some guys found the remains of Sasquatch one town over. So I think it's best we stay out of the woods for now.

.....yes. Later that day I found a spider the size of my fist in my room. VERDICT: NATURE IS OFTEN TERRIFYING.
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But the peaches are very good.

I am back from my all to brief vacation in Georgia. There were adventures! Mostly having to do with me driving around in golf carts and pretending to be a blind, retired 95 year old Floridian. But still, adventures! On the drive home from the airport my dad told us the most horrifying story...

DAD: So Bryna [his girlfriend's granddaughter] had a birthday party the other night. She had ten girls over for a party, and they watched Hairspray. However, one of the girls went up to Bren and said, "Excuse me, but I won't be able to watch the movie. My parents won't let me".
ME: Okay?
DAD: And do you know WHY she was forbidden to watch Hairspray? "Because a black man and a white woman date in it".
ME: I'M SORRY WHAT. This is worse than the time I learned that these children are being taught that dinosaurs and humans lived in peaceful coexistence! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SOUTH?!

Later that week I had to reconcile the fact that my dad's girlfriend's son is a very nice man with the fact that he watches the O'Reilly Factor religiously and completely without irony. I say he is a nice man because he took my brother and I out kayaking/swimming on the river, but upon my return home my dad greeted me with, "I guess he didn't tell you? Oh, that river is practically infested with poisonous snakes!". Which is awesome, because I also split my knee open on a rock and bled copiously into the snake infested waters. BRILLIANT PLAN.

Then I saw Batman. I don't think I have to say anything else about THAT.

Then I ran in a 5K race for no real reason. My brother and I are both currently out of shape, but we're at a similar skill level. I ended up winning in the 20-24 female category (shiny trophy!) despite my abysmal time, while my brother won the raffle for a class for people who "aren't used to working out". What a slap in the face :D :D

In sum: the Confederacy is alive and well, apparently, but on the plus side, turtle!
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On the plus side: Vicodin.

1)So, yesterday I went to the Grown Up Dentist for the first time (yes, at 20). It was a magical place where the chairs were actually long enough for me, my dentists didn't press my nose as she lowered the chair, and I was informed that I have EIGHT CAVITIES and must have my wisdom teeth removed ASAP BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IMPACTED. I didn't even receive a sticker for my pains. Instead I have four appointments within a two week period. THIS SUMMER IS SUPER FUN ;_;

2) Havemercy! I devoured it and it rekindled my somewhat dormant love for slash as of late (what with all the "Doctah! Rose! She is right behind you :(" I've been preoccupied with). I am now accumulating a list of slashy books to be hauled from the library. Om nom nom.

3) Today at the internship I spent 3.5 hours transcribing a taped interview. When I hit 6,000 words (5,000 of which were either, "um", "uh", or "like") and still wasn't done, I escaped with the remnants of my sanity and told myself anything is better than scraping little sticky vinyl lettering off of walls for 3 hours. I'll be over here, boycotting summer.
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I made the incredibly foolish decision to re-watch Brokeback Mountain on TV last night. I told myself firmly that I would only watch the beginning, when they are happy, because I hadn't the heart to watch sad cowboys or wholly terrifying mustaches.

Yeah, right. I spent the rest of the night alternately weeping shamelessly, cursing Bravo for editing out ALL THE IMPORTANT BITS, and wondering why the people in commercials could be so CHEERFUL when Jack Twist was DEAD. Ahahaha. I'd forgotten the devastating effects of that movie. So, so brilliant. All except for the mustache.

ALSO. DOCTOR WHO TODAY, AND I HAVE TO WORK UNTIL 10 PM. Curses! I shall spend the entirety of work slacking off and doodling the Tardis, methinks. This "work" thing had destroyed my tradition of watching the new Who with my brother on his immense and wonderful monitor with surround sound. He's a bigger Doctor fangirl than I am, at times :D
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Tags: art

I have a thing for drawing depressed, bewildered business men.

art art artCollapse )

I think I'm finally getting my knack back. THANKS, SUMMER :D
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Don't you want to be my muse?
Tags: assholes

OKAY, PEOPLE. I'm terrifically uninspired. Do you want me to draw you something?

And now, a word of wisdom from some punk riding the train: "So then she stole all of my belts, so I have to wear my stupid camouflage belt with my camouflage pants. Camouflage points out the asshole, but only in the city. If someone is wearing camouflage in the country he's only maybe an asshole, but in the city everyone wearing camouflage is definitely an asshole."

To which his friend responded, "Why do hunters wear camouflage AND bright orange caps? It's, like, a total contradiction."
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Fake Plastic Kitties

I've been besieged by crazy people.

A while ago, the man who occasionally does pirouettes in our alley walked up to our garage sale and began an aimless, winding story about finding money on the street.

MAN: I was a crack addict back then. Let me tell you something, you can do crack all you want, doing crack is fine, but don't deal crack. You can go to jail for LIFE. Do crack but don't deal it! Have a good day!

The next week, as I was packing things into the car to move out, I noticed a guy rooting through our dumpster, wearing army pants and a red, sequined top.

GUY: I hope you don't mind me going through your trash.
ME: Not at all, we don't need it!
GUY: I find all sorts of stuff in trash cans. I find Playboys a lot, and Japanese porn!
ME: That'
GUY: I find dildos all the time. And I have 58 of them at home.
GUY: Did you know I live at the nursing home? They only give me $30 a month. Do you know what I did with the money last month? I bought a pair of fake plastic titties!
ME: Wow. Well, I have to go now.
GUY: Do you know why I bought plastic titties? Because I want to be a girl.
ME: Good for you!

My mom had the same conversation with him an hour later. however, after we conferred, she cried, "TITTIES? I thought he said fake plastic kitties!".

Yesterday, I was in Borders, listening to a guy harass one of the baristas.

GUY: I like your name! You know what else I like? Cornbread and 2% milk! I like your name just as much as I like cornbread and 2% milk.

Wow. that's just...the highest of compliments, that is.

In other news, I CAN'T DO ART. IT JUST WON'T WORK. I have bought shiny new pens and notebooks and ink and still NOTHING ;______;
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Also, the internet is a series of tubes.

Any day where your mother decides to wake you up at six so you can go with her lady friends to a "women's breakfast lecture" on "stress" is bound to be an interesting one. I found myself, at 7 AM, seated in a room where the average age was 95 and men weren't allowed, where the lecturer was conducting Neuroscience for Dummies, and where we were told to "always carry our stress rainbows with us". My favorite part? "Stress is like email. One or two emails are fine, but when you get overrun with spam emails your computer shuts down and you have to reboot. It's the same with stress! You will crash if you get too much spam"

HOKAY. A) the average 95 year old woman in that room has no idea what email is. B) Since when did too many emails make my computer crash? YOU HAVE BOGGLED MY MIND.

Oh, and THEN? There was a raffle. I went to the bathroom, because in 20 years of living I have never won a raffle, and only in a case of extreme irony could I possible win this one...Aaaaand I have won a free manicure and pedicure! For my ravaged, stubby nails! HOORAY, IRONY, YOU REIGN VICTORIOUS.

After which I went to my internship and was forced to call people, which resulted in me shaking so badly I utterly failed to press the numbers on the telephone. I'm not joking, I had to slowly and meticulously guide my finger to each key while breathing like a woman in labor ;___;

But then I got a job! It's at a little family owned, Turkish cafe with the most orgasmic food I have ever consumed, so now I can call Mr. Enormously Skeevy from my last interview and tell him I'm too good for him and his "3 day trial period".

In other news, I can't stop watching Six Feet Under. It's quite possible that I am addicted to Michael C Hall.
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Tags: art

I'm such a shitty updater. But I really have nothing to say because I've forsaken sleep and spend all my hours in the library, where a giant statue of a centaur choking a naked man stares down at me for hours on end. I really don't know why this statue exists, but it's very inspiring! I spend my zombie-esque waking hours making little puppets out of grapes and my meager sleeping hours dreaming about smoking pot in the library (I don't even smoke!) and eloping with faceless people. I just want the pain to end! Sometimes, in sheer desperation, I stuff myself with chocolate-covered espresso beans and watch my hands start to shake uncontrollably.

Hey, have a drawingCollapse )
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yaye politics

I'm fairly sure Students for Hilary and Students for Barack Obama are competing to see who can bring in the most ridiculously famous TV celebrity. I ended up seeing America Ferrera last week in what was advertised as a non-partisan event but was in fact nauseatingly pro-Hilary. It went something like this:

ME: I want to leave this horrible place.

Luckily, Kate Walsh, aka the only person on Grey's Anatomy who I can find it in my heart not to hate with every fiber of my being, is coming here on Friday to extol the virtues of Obama. I love that Pennsylvania's primary is suddenly crucial in fending off the apocalypse ♥
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